Large Ring Cable Stripper

The Jonard® HT-CS-LR-2 Large Ring Cable Stripper was designed to strip larger round COAX, Network Cables, and Telephone Cables for quick and easy termination.

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Manufacturer Jonard
Manufacturer's Part Number UST-500
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  • Included blade cartridge (UST-205) provides a 2-level strip on RG59, RG6, RG7, and RG11 COAX Cables for F, BNC, and RCA connector termination
  • High carbon steel blades last over 5,000 strips on each side
  • Cartridge is reversible for ambidextrous use
  • Adjustable stripping hole is used to strip CAT3/4/5E/6/6A PVC and Plenum network cables
  • Cutter is included to cut all types of cables
  • Separate stripping hole included for stripping Flat Cable & 4P/6P style cable
  • Hook and Loop strip on bottom of the tool folds back the braided shield on the cable with ease
  • Large finger loop provides smooth rotation during use
  • Stripping action removes 1/4" of jacket and 5/16" of shield and dielectric, which exposes the center conductor
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