Broadband Across America
We are Ready - Are You?

An investment of more than 60 billion dollars is planned by service providers over the next five years. Are you ready? Ready to service the increased demand for products and services? Are your teams empowered with the correct skills and resources? Are you prepared for the increased competition that often follows such booms?

At Light Brigade, we are seeing an uptick in the need for design services training. Industry players are looking to ready themselves for what is coming down the pipe with the FTTH growth initiatives. We see incumbent players looking to expand and newcomers looking to disrupt. They both strive to meet the same end goal while seeking out innovative design and deployment approaches and product solutions to decrease installation and realize cost savings.

The race to bridge America’s digital divide could be compared to the Klondike Gold Rush. Locally, in Seattle, we can see reminders of it in the underground city tours. Where the winners and losers of this boom are remembered and revered. Just like the gold rush, some will succeed, and some will fail in this latest rush.

Here at Light Brigade, we aim to “make you ready” through informed education for designers, service providers, and technicians. Our balanced methodology promotes current standards and best practices, while highlighting innovation and emerging trends. We are sometimes conflicted when a new technology appears and do our utmost to remain agnostic, but when somethings wows us, it is hard to not to praise it.

We all want success because, in the end, it is all about the end-users –schools, homes, farms, and businesses. Having a robust sustainable fiber infrastructure will ensure reliable connectivity for the 21st century and beyond.

Let us “Make You Ready” for success!