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  1. Last Click Technician Kit

    Last Click Technician Kit –The tools for that last connection.

    Making that last connection should be quick and easy. However, technicians often find themselves lugging around a heavy, all-inclusive termination tool kit only to find that the kit is missing what they need. What should be a simple task of making a few checks and turning up the Optical Network Terminal (ONT) becomes problematic because they lack the right tool for the job.

    Introducing Light Brigade’s Last Click Technician Kit- a compact kit that is easy to carry, well organized, and includes only the tools and consumables needed to make that last connection to the ONT, antenna, or any other equipment.

    Packaged in a compact nylon tool belt with zipper and pockets the Last Click Technician Kit contains:

    • Smart mini click style cleaners for common 1.25mm and
    • ...
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  2. Choose the Right Fiber Network Maintenance and Troubleshooting Tools

    When your fiber network encounters an unexpected performance issue, often the first instinct is to replace a connector, jumper, or a trunk in a haphazard way to restore service. While this may initially seem to be the fastest method, oftentimes it may be more costly and potentially more disruptive. Some may compare this to an inexperienced auto mechanic randomly installing parts in your car in an attempt to resolve a concern without proper diagnostic tools, all at your added expense. Like the auto analogy, when it comes to fiber networks, having the right tools and knowledge of what to look for can quickly identify the issue and allow you to properly correct or address the problem the right way, likely with less material and labor costs.

    There are many brands and types of equipment on the market to perform this type of diagnosis, but when the problem occurs, scrambling to research what ...

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