Martin's Corner

  1. The Future is Bright, Fiber Optic Bright!

    Back in the early 00’s when I was installing 3G networks in the UK, I can remember buying and using for the first time a Motorola H3G cell phone and making a ‘video call’ from my kitchen to a colleague, some years before ‘facetime’ became a household phrase. It was new, not 100% reliable, obviously beckoning for the promised future 4G LTE, but we as users were not really ready for this leap in technology. With the new ‘awkwardness’ feeling of a video call, I don’t think I used it to make another video call again after that. Let’s leave that still to science fiction.

    It was the pandemic that forced all of us to shed the ‘awkwardness’ of not just hearing, but seeing the other person(s), friends, loved ones, or work colleagues. No matter our age, technical prowess, or preparedness, the pandemic has bought about a paradigm shift in our approach to video, Zoom, Teams or Face time calls, e ...

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  2. Happy Winter Solstice

    Whilst today marks the day with the fewest hours of daylight, it also begins the return of more sunlight – something we can all celebrate.

    Fiber optics is the light that brightens the world by keeping us all connected and I am pleased to be a part of this important industry. As I look forward to brighter days, I wish to express my gratitude for your support of Light Brigade over the past year. Thank you for your loyalty and understanding as together we embraced the challenges and opportunities 2020 presented.

    From all of us at Light Brigade, please enjoy the magic and joy of this holiday season. Be safe and take some time to appreciate what brightens your days.


    Martin Lee

    President, Light Brigade

    425.291.4231 ...

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