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  1. We Have Moved

    Teamwork makes the dream work. This was true in early May when Team Light Brigade packed, unloaded, and powered up in anticipation of welcoming students to our new training facility. All the hard work paid off three days later when our first class of Fiber Optic 1-2-3 students arrived at our new headquarters.

    Our bright and open classroom can accommodate up to 21 students when COVID restrictions are lifted and currently allows for social distancing. A large conference room provides ancillary space for hands-on labs or additional instruction space.

    Students will appreciate the easy freeway access, ample parking, and proximity to several dining and lodging options. Seattle and Tacoma are just a short Uber or taxi ride as well as Seattle-Tacoma International Airport.

    “No one is ever keen on moving, but our dedicated team pulled together and made it work for our customers a ...

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  2. Broadband Across America

    Broadband Across America
    We are Ready - Are You?

    An investment of more than 60 billion dollars is planned by service providers over the next five years. Are you ready? Ready to service the increased demand for products and services? Are your teams empowered with the correct skills and resources? Are you prepared for the increased competition that often follows such booms?

    At Light Brigade, we are seeing an uptick in the need for design services training. Industry players are looking to ready themselves for what is coming down the pipe with the FTTH growth initiatives. We see incumbent players looking to expand and newcomers looking to disrupt. They both strive to meet the same end goal while seeking out innovative design and deployment approaches and product solutions to decrease installation and realize ...

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  3. Last Click Technician Kit

    Last Click Technician Kit –The tools for that last connection.

    Making that last connection should be quick and easy. However, technicians often find themselves lugging around a heavy, all-inclusive termination tool kit only to find that the kit is missing what they need. What should be a simple task of making a few checks and turning up the Optical Network Terminal (ONT) becomes problematic because they lack the right tool for the job.

    Introducing Light Brigade’s Last Click Technician Kit- a compact kit that is easy to carry, well organized, and includes only the tools and consumables needed to make that last connection to the ONT, antenna, or any other equipment.

    Packaged in a compact nylon tool belt with zipper and pockets the Last Click Technician Kit contains:

    • Smart mini click style cleaners for common 1.25mm and
    • ...
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  4. Fiber Optics - Connecting a Wireless World

    Fiber Optics - Connecting a Wireless World

    The word antenna may bring to mind various mental images or memories depending on your age. You may envision the tall radio and TV broadcast antennas, the “aerial” on your house, or the 10-inch “car phone” antenna attached to cars in the ’80s and ’90s. Many of those antennae of the past were analog and used copper or coaxial types of cabling.

    The shape of antennas has changed with advances in technology. They have become smaller, increased in density, and are often hidden in plain sight. No matter how the look of the antenna changes; one thing that remains constant is our need for them. In our not-too-distant future, the antenna will be called upon to be the key enabler of low-latency, high-bandwidth, next-generation wireless communication.

    Initial 5G mass deployment is underway, and WiFi-6 is not far behind. Soon we will experience higher connection speeds, faster downloads ...

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