Monthly Archives: April 2021

  1. Take Our New Website for a Spin

    Go from zero to reserved fiber training in just minutes with our new eCommerce website. Effortlessly view all open classes, class locations (cities), and then book your training. It is a simplified and time-saving enhancement we know you will appreciate. As always, Light Brigade sales representatives will be a phone call or email away to provide expert assistance.

    Buying fiber optic gear like cleaning supplies, splicers, or tools is also convenient on the new website. Visitors can browse Light Brigade’s vendor-agnostic products, make their selection, proceed to check out and track their order.

    A blog, with a variety of resources and articles, is an additional value-add for website visitors. Blog content will feature product reviews, expert advice from our instructors, and helpful downloads.

    Our new branding is showcased throughout the website. The u ...

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  2. The Future is Bright, Fiber Optic Bright!

    Back in the early 00’s when I was installing 3G networks in the UK, I can remember buying and using for the first time a Motorola H3G cell phone and making a ‘video call’ from my kitchen to a colleague, some years before ‘facetime’ became a household phrase. It was new, not 100% reliable, obviously beckoning for the promised future 4G LTE, but we as users were not really ready for this leap in technology. With the new ‘awkwardness’ feeling of a video call, I don’t think I used it to make another video call again after that. Let’s leave that still to science fiction.

    It was the pandemic that forced all of us to shed the ‘awkwardness’ of not just hearing, but seeing the other person(s), friends, loved ones, or work colleagues. No matter our age, technical prowess, or preparedness, the pandemic has bought about a paradigm shift in our approach to video, Zoom, Teams or Face time calls, e ...

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  3. Choose the Right Fiber Network Maintenance and Troubleshooting Tools

    When your fiber network encounters an unexpected performance issue, often the first instinct is to replace a connector, jumper, or a trunk in a haphazard way to restore service. While this may initially seem to be the fastest method, oftentimes it may be more costly and potentially more disruptive. Some may compare this to an inexperienced auto mechanic randomly installing parts in your car in an attempt to resolve a concern without proper diagnostic tools, all at your added expense. Like the auto analogy, when it comes to fiber networks, having the right tools and knowledge of what to look for can quickly identify the issue and allow you to properly correct or address the problem the right way, likely with less material and labor costs.

    There are many brands and types of equipment on the market to perform this type of diagnosis, but when the problem occurs, scrambling to research what ...

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  4. Environmental Stressors Are Real - Choose the Right Fiber Optic Cable for the Job

    There are cables designed for every environment. One might argue that there are too many options and that deciding between designs is not simple. Choosing a cable not only requires fiber type and count but also confirming that the cable will last for the expected lifetime of the application.

    Cables need to resist mechanical and environmental stresses both during the installation and where the cable is finally placed. Since installation is a significant portion of the overall cost of a cabling system, selecting the right cable will mitigate expensive replacement costs.

    Industry Standards

    From the beginning of a project, specifying the correct industry cable standard is critical to ensure the cable performance meets the demand of the application. Standards address the majority of use cases but in certain environments like mining or oil and gas applications, additional ...

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