FITEL® ID-H/R Optical Fiber Identifier

The ID-H/R Optical Fiber Identifier is a lightweight, handheld, easy to use tool to safely and effectively identify the transmission direction and relative core power on live optical fibers.


  • Applicable Fiber: 250 μm fiber, 900 μm fiber, up to 12-fiber ribbon*, 1.6 mm to 3 mm cordage
  • LCD Screen: Detection Light Level, Modulation Frequency
  • Detect the tone signal and traffic signal
  • Detects the signal without disrupting traffic
  • Light weight design for easy handling; Weight: 170g
  • Super low insertion loss
  • The standard head for the ID-H/Rv3 is used to detect optical signals on standard SM Fiber (G.652) to BIF (G.657.A2). The optional head is used to detect signals on UBIF (G.657.B3).

*Not able to detect specific individual fibers

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Manufacturer Fitel
Manufacturer's Part Number ID-H/R-V3
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