FujiKura CT50 Fiber Cleaver (With Bluetooth)

The CT50 features automated blade rotation, unprecedented durability, and simplistic maintenance unseen with any other cleaver. Paired with a Bluetooth-enabled Fujikura splicer, cleaver blade positions can be automatically advanced when needed based on cleave count or cleave quality. If automated rotation is not desired, the blade position can be advanced at the touch of a button, with no tools required.


  • Motorized Blade Rotation
  • Bluetooth Communication
  • Shock Resistant
  • Simple One-Step Operation
  • 60,000 Cleave Blade Life
  • Field Serviceable
More Information
Manufacturer AFL FujiKura
Manufacturer's Part Number S017030
Ships in 3-4 Weeks

The CT50 is an industry-first cleaver ruggedized to withstand severe shock, including drops up to 30 inches. If needed, the CT50 is field serviceable with all precision components easily replaced in the field. The easy-to-read blade position indicator clearly displays the selected position. The Bluetooth® feature, along with the simplified mechanical operation, increases overall productivity and reliability. The fiber clamp opens beyond 90 degrees and readies the blade for cleaving in the same motion. This allows easy viewing of the distance scale used to gauge cleave length. The 16-position blade yields 60,000 single-fiber cleaves or 5,000 12-fiber ribbon cleaves. The built-in scrap collector conveniently stores fiber shards until they can be safely discarded.

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