Many of our classes are eligible for independent certifications through third-party industry organizations and groups. These certifications are typically progressive levels and show competency in hands-on skills and technical knowledge.

In addition, many of our courses are eligible for BICSI Continuing Education Credits (CECs).

Why Certify

In today’s evolving technology landscape, customers want to know that your organization is focused on keeping up and ahead of industry standards. Investing in professional third-party certification for your workforce confirms your organization's commitment to the industry and that your team has the proven skills and knowledge to get the job done. Certification builds trust and credibility and is a significant competitive advantage.

Professional certifications are industry-accepted benchmarks that set their holder apart and are recognized as a professional achievement to distinguish the recipient as competent in their field. To achieve this recognition, certificate holders must complete training and pass exams developed by non-biased third-party industry experts. Subject matter experts collaborate to determine what is important and relevant to the industry and create certification programs that teach the skills and knowledge needed to be successful. Together with independent organizations, they develop certification exams that test on current industry standards and compliance.

Organizations that invest in professional certification experience many benefits beyond highly skilled and dedicated team members. Employees who earn a certification feel valued, respected, and are happier which can help reduce costly staff turnover. Certification instills confidence creating problem solvers that execute projects with increased efficiencies, saving both time and money – significantly improving the bottom line.

Professional certification instills confidence in both your customers and workforce. Employees will know you are invested in their success and customers will appreciate your dedication to the quality of services you provide. Set yourself apart from the competition with a certified workforce that consistently delivers on customer service and increases customer satisfaction.

Advanced OSP Technician                        
Certifiexe Fiber Characterization Engineer (CFCE)                            
Certified Fiber to the Home Professional (CFHP)                            
Certified Optical Network Associate (CONA)                            
Certified Optical Network Engineer (CONE)                            
Emergency Restoration                            
Fiber Optics for Wireless                          
Fiber Characterization Fundamentals                            
Fiber Optics 1-2-3                      
Fiber Optics for Enterprise Networks                        
FTTx for Installers & Technicians                        
FTTx OSP Design                            
Fiber Optics for Mining                          
Fiber Optics for Oil & Gas                          
OTDR & Testing Deep Dive Workshop                          
Utilities Level 1                          
Utilities Level 2                          
Utilities Level 3