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Networking and Design

Certified Optical Network Associate (CONA)

This course provides an introduction to optical networking and the types of systems that are in widespread commercial deployment. In this five-day course, offered in partnership with Fiber Insight, students learn how to design, plan, and implement cost effective, high capacity networks. Learn about single channel networks to multiple channel options using CWDM and DWDM technology.  Learn more

Certified Optical Network Engineer (CONE)

This course provides an understanding of how optical networking technology can meet the challenges of increasing capacity and extending reach; while keeping costs under control and reducing electrical power consumption. In this five-day course, offered in partnership with Fiber Insight, students learn how the powerful combination of coherent transmission and digital signal processing has transformed optical communications at data rates of 100Gb/s, 400Gb/s, 800Gb/s and beyond. Learn about the changes necessary to DWDM systems for operating efficiently at data rates of 400Gb/s and above and how the right mix of optical and electronic technologies are used to overcome limitations; in order to make strategic decisions about the long-term plans of your network. Learn More

FTTx OSP Design

Learn to engineer FTTH network field configurations, design benchmarks, and installation parameters for various building configurations for either PON or active Ethernet systems. You’ll create your own FTTx network designs in classroom breakout sessions, applying the learned objectives to distributed split, centralized split, home run, and point-to-point systems.  Learn more

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