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This course is designed for those who specify, design, install, or maintain aerial and underground fiber optics systems. Students learn the latest fiber optic technology and equipment, as well as how to perform splicing, terminations, testing, and troubleshooting.

Course Level

Level 1:  Introductory to intermediate.
Level 2:  Intermediate to expert.
Level 3:  Intermediate to expert.

Course Length

Level 1:  1.5 days of classroom lecture and 1.5 days of hands-on exercises
Level 2:  One day of classroom lecture
Level 3:  Available as a custom course

Certification Options

UTC Fiber Optic Professional, Level 1 Technician certification
UTC Fiber Optic Professional, Level 2 Designer certification
UTC Fiber Optic Professional, Level 3 Advanced Designer certification

Course Content

Course overview

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