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Emergency Restoration


The words "emergency restoration” strike fear into any network or outside plant manager. Outages can cost tens of thousands of dollars every hour your system is offline. When (not if) a problem occurs, it is critical not only to have a recovery program in place, but to have staff trained to deal with the emergency in timely, cost-efficient, manner.
This three-day course features classroom lecture with heavy emphasis on fault location, troubleshooting, and test equipment, followed by hands-on tasks that simulate actual field restorations for both retrievable and non-retrievable slack scenarios. It is intended for those who perform or specify fiber optics maintenance and restoration programs. 

Course Level

Intermediate to expert. The course requires basic knowledge of fiber optic theory and terminology, as well as field experience, equivalent formal training such as the Fiber Optics 1-2-3 course, or viewing Light Brigade's staff development videos (available online or as DVDs).

Course Length

12 hours of classroom lecture and 12 hours of hands-on training

Course Content

Course overview

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