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August 2019

Smart Building Sensor for Schools and Vaping Detection, Too
5G May Drive Carrier to Share Networks – Like It or Not
Why 5G Connectivity Is Much, Much More Than Faster Downloads

July 2019

Seismologists Monitor Ridgecrest Aftershocks Using Novel Fiber Optic Network
Network Slicing at Your Fingertips: A Vertical Industry Centric Approach 
Get in the Gigabit Game

June 2019

New Study Explores Cost of Fiber Deployment in Rural Areas 
First to 5G: Who Will Win?
It’s Time for Utilities to Reconsider Undergrounding Power Lines

May 2019

The Smartest Cities in the U.S.
5G is Coming, And It’s Fortified with Fiber
Beyond Smart Cities: The Role of Utilities in Enabling Smart Regions

April 2019

Why Broadband Should be a Utility
How Google is Cramming More Data into its New Atlantic Cable
How 5G Could Help Fuel the Next Generation of IoT Projects

March 2019

What’s New in Data Center Network? A 2019 Forecast
A 10-million-pound undersea cable just set an internet speed record
High-Density Fiber Connections Solve Problems but Cause New Ones for Giant Data Centers

February 2019

Optical Fiber Sensors Protected by “Jacket” Coating
Where do we go from here? Moving smart cities beyond proof of concept
Orange FTTH network passes nearly 12 million premises by end of 2018

January 2019

Ethernet Optical Access
FTTH now second to HFC in North American broadband homes passed: Fiber Broadband Association
Fiber Broadband is Pure Gold for MDUs

December 2018

Microsoft Expands Rural Broadband Push To Include 1 Million More People
Centennial Aims for Future with Fiber Optic Backbone
Charlemont Rejects Comcast Broadband Offer; Opts to Build $1.4M Fiber Optic Network

November 2018

Engineers Use Drone to Help Connect Remote Home to Broadband
The 5G Journey: The Global Impact of Wireless Innovation
The Rise of SDN in Open Optical Networks

October 2018

Smarter, Safer Cities Need Fiber
The Future of Fiber
Fairfax to Study Fiber-optic Broadband Amid Protest Against 5G

September 2018

The $70B Digital Divide Conundrum
United States Ahead of the Pack on 5G
FCC Approves $225 million for 35 Electric Cooperatives to Provide Rural Broadband
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