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Technical Reference Request

Request your materials below. Simply fill out the form and you will be able to download any of the following:

  • How Do I Make My Building Fiber Ready? PDF
  • Fiber Connector Inspection - Why It Matters and How It Works PDF
  • Meeting the Unique Test Challenges of FTTx Deployment PDF
  • Arc Power Calibration for Fusion Splicing Optical Fiber with Varying Diameters PDF
  • Automated Alignment and Splicing for Multicore Fibers PDF
  • High Reliability Hermetic Optical Fiber for Oil and Gas Application PDF
  • Fiber Optic Master Glossary of Terms PDF
  • FTTH Wavelength Allocation Chart PDF
  • Acceptance Testing of Fiber Optic Cable Using an OTDR - By Larry Johnson PDF
  • An Introduction to Fiber Optic Connectors - By Larry Johnson PDF
  • Introduction to Fiber Optic Safety - by Larry Johnson and Glenn Rosin PDF
  • Evolution of Connectors - By Larry Johnson in ETA High Tech News, Jan/Feb 2014 PDF
  • Fiber Optic Passive Devices - By Larry Johnson in ETA High Tech News, Mar/Apr 2014 PDF