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Why Training?

We know you are continually striving to develop a solid relationship with your customer. One way to nurture this relationship, is to become your customers go to connection for all things fiber optics. But what if you could do more – like help your customer reduce costly errors in the field and improve both efficiencies in their work force and their bottom line? 
You can. It’s as easy as educating your customer on the immediate benefits of a structured training program.  Your customer might be aware of the advantages of a trained workforce and then who looks like the industry expert? You do.  
Listed below are several reasons why a trained workforce is a solid investment. Why not share this information with your customer during your next conversation? 
Want some additional ideas to get the ball rolling? Check out Light Brigade’s Training Quick Form for three simple questions to get the training conversation started. 
  • Trained Employees Feel Valued - Trained employees are productive, engaged, happy and loyal. Companies that invest in employee development retain employees longer and attract new talent, allowing them to stay ahead in today’s competitive job market.
  • Trained Employees Make Fewer Mistakes - An educated workforce improves your company’s bottom line by reducing costly mistakes in the field. Teaching how to do it right the first time, improves efficiencies and significantly minimizes reworks, repairs and reorders.
  • On the Job Training is Inconsistent - On the job training is a haphazard tactic that relies primarily on what occurs during a random day in the field. Those coaching are often unqualified to teach and pass along bad habits instead of best practices. On the job training is often a rushed watch and try to learn approach that involves little hands-on-learning.
  • Trained Employess Problem Solve - Light Brigade’s comprehensive instructional approach goes beyond the basics of fiber optics and emphasizes the why. Students are taught by trained professionals with real-world experience on not just the mechanics but the fundamentals of fiber optics. Light Brigade alumni are analytical problem solvers – a solid asset for your company.  
Light Brigade offers a wide selection of online fiber optic training solutions developed by industry recognized experts. These online courses can supplement our instructor-led classes and are easy to implement and available to your team on-demand, 24-7.
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