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OTDR Theory and Operation

OTDR Theory and Operation
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Product Number: W–6D–121

This DVD focuses on the OTDR, including how they function and operate in practical application. Learn how to use it in various testing scenarios including new technologies such as FTTx, PMD, plus conventional LAN and OSP applications.


  • Basic OTDR Theory.
  • The history and evolution of OTDRs, from mainframe models to fiber break locators.
  • The Development of mini-OTDRs and their use in the field today.
  • Specialty OTDRs.
  • New platform OTDRs, used for testing PMD, CD, DWDM and incorporating OTDR modules, optical switches and visual inspection scopes for standard and advanced fiber technologies.
  • The effects of chromatic and polarization dispersion.
  • Specialty OTDRs and optical subassemblies.
  • OTDR settings and user menus.
  • An in-depth review of how the OTDR is used, what the user should test for when performing acceptance tests, splice performance, optical return loss values and total span testing for both outside plant and premise installations. Connection of an OTDR to a fiber under test.

DVD Preview: Chapter 1, Introducing the OTDR

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  • Introducing the OTDR - 3:27
  • How the OTDR Works - 9:51
  • OTDR Evolution - 4:01
  • Platform OTDRs - 11:57
  • OTDR Settings and Menus - 9:33
  • Specialty OTDRs - 2:34
  • Acceptance Testing - 14:24
  • Measuring Splice Losses - 2:45
  • Measuring ORL - 4:00
  • Testing the Outside Plant - 3:54
  • Testing Local Area Networks - 11:55
  • Testing Optical Splitters - 6:53
First edition - 86 minutes