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High-speed Fiber Optic Systems

High-speed Fiber Optic Systems
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Product Number: W-6D-231

The fiber optic revolution periodically adjusts to address ever-changing market requirements. As fiber optic systems progress from 10 and 40 Gb/s into speeds of 100 Gigabits and higher, innovative solutions must be developed that not only offer lower latency but greater reliability, flexibility, and scalability. To complete the transition from current on-off keying to advanced modulation formats, new products and platforms must address technologies such as coherent transmission, forward error correction, digital signal processing, software-defined networking, and optical amplification and switching.

This DVD examines how these advanced modulation formats improve spectral efficiency through a variety of techniques such as amplitude modulation, amplitude shift keying, and phase shift keying. In addition, the content highlights constellation diagrams, coherent detection in receivers, optical transport networks, and super channels. Additional chapters focus on the active and passive devices that are used in transmission equipment for applications such as DWDM, as well as key issues like CD and PMD dispersion and specialized types of test equipment.


  • Advanced Modulation Techniques – 20:23
  • Coherent Detection – 5:41
  • Forward Error Correction – 5:08
  • Transmitters and Receivers – 8:24
  • Design and Packaging – 13:25
  • Transmission Systems – 10:14
  • WDM Systems – 17:12
  • Single-mode Dispersion – 15:53
  • Testing and Test Equipment – 10:32

First edition - 107 minutes