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Fiber Optic System Design

Fiber Optic System Design
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Product Number: W–6D–211

Careful design and planning are vital for the long-term reliability of fiber optic systems. The Fiber Optic System Design DVD demonstrates how to design a fiber optic transmission system that will suit your requirements now and for years to come. The content focuses on issues that are critical when designing local, metropolitan, and wide area networks, including physical layout, component integration, and calculating loss budgets.

The DVD features ten chapters that can be viewed individually, based on your need and design focus. The content discusses a myriad of design processes from simple point-to-point networks to the more advanced DWDM, ROADM, and FTTH/FTTB systems. Special focus is given to the factors that can degrade signal quality, including attenuation, dispersion (for single-mode fibers), and bandwidth (for multimode fibers). New technologies for 100 Gb/s systems are discussed, and challenges and examples are provided for various applications.


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  • The Design Process - 10:13
  • Transmission Systems - 10:14
  • Multimode Bandwidth - 12:40
  • Multimode Loss Budgets - 6:32
  • Single-mode Dispersion - 15:53
  • Single-mode Loss Budgets - 9:49
  • WDM Systems - 17:12
  • ROADMs - 8:24
  • FTTH - 6:36
  • System Integration - 8:26

First edition - 106 minutes