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Fiber Optic Splicing

Fiber Optic Splicing
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Product Number: W–6D–161

Today's fiber optic networks require low-loss splicing for optimum performance. Since fiber splicing first appeared in the 1970s, the industry recognized that for fiber optics to become a viable transmission technology, reliable splicing techniques and equipment had to be developed. The ultimate goal was a process that did not require excessive skill or expense to perform, yet resulted in a low-loss, low-reflectance optical joint with high mechanical strength and long-term reliability.

Because of the growth of the fiber industry, better fibers, better tolerances and better equipment are now available to users through a multitude of splicing products and techniques designed to meet their specific needs. A variety of fusion and mechanical splicing products were introduced for applications in outside plant, premises, manufacturing or laboratory. Newer types of fusion splicers have been developed to handle the application-specific optical fibers used in optical sub-assemblies. These are addressed in the Specialty Splicing chapter.

The DVD covers PAS, LID and fixed V-groove fusion splicers for ribbon, FTTx and premise applications. Also discussed are the various types and applications for mechanical splicing, such as access for testing fibers and cables, emergency restorations and premises applications. The correct methods of preparing, cleaving, splicing and protecting optical fibers are also demonstrated. Lab, manufacturing, field and close-up footage and detailed graphics make this an essential tool for today's splicer. Quizzes for both instructors and students are included as bonus materials.

DVD Preview: Chapter 1, Introduction

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  • Introduction - 5:58
  • Applications - 9:02
  • Fiber Preparation - 4:34
  • Cleaving the Fiber - 9:42
  • Fusion Splicing Techniques - 17:55
  • Mechanical Splicing - 18:34
  • OSP Splicing - 10:05
  • Multimode Splicing - 5:37
  • Specialty Splicing - 5:21
  • Splice Optimization - 7:27

First edition - 95 minutes