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Fiber Optic Safety

Fiber Optic Safety
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Product Number: W-6D-221

In today’s workplace, job safety has never been more important. Workplace injuries can take an enormous toll in terms of lost quality of life, operating costs of business, and decreased profitability.

A successful safety culture begins with an organization’s senior management team and extends down throughout the entire organization. When strong health and safety practices become part of the operational fabric of an organization, everyone wins. Employers and employees who work together to identify and control hazards on the job can save lives and money while improving business and productivity.

This DVD serves a primer on the safety elements and concerns of anyone working with fiber optic systems, components, fibers, or installation. The content includes visual safety for optical light sources and amplifiers, physical safety for handling optical fibers and chemicals, on-the job training for those installing optical cables, information on various national and international fiber safety standards, and more.

Special features include a student quiz, with matching instructor version, written in Microsoft Word format to allow for customization for your specific needs.


DVD Preview: Chapter 1, Introduction to Safety Issues

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  • Introduction to Safety Issues - 11:32
  • Introduction to Lasers - 13:39
  • Safe Use of Lasers - 12:05
  • Handling Optical Fibers - 6:16
  • Safe Cable Handling and Installation - 12:09
  • Solvent and Chemical Safety - 3:24
  • Personal Protective Equipment - 9:07
  • Safety in Confined Spaces - 4:44
  • Optical Safety in Fiber Optic Systems - 8:30
  • Emergency Restoration 4:55

First edition - 86 minutes