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Fiber Optic Patch Panels, Splice Closures, and Pedestals

Fiber Optic Patch Panels, Splice Closures, and Pedestals
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Product Number: W–6D–172

In any fiber-optic system, splices and connectors are crucial and must be housed in protective structures to ensure reliable system operation. This stands true for optical splitters used in fiber-to-the-user (FTTx) installations. Fiber and cable management products must be properly designed for cable grounding, strain relief, and fiber routing, and should be chosen to best fit the application. Before the proper type can be selected, one must understand the function and features of each distinct type. This DVD examines the role that traditional products such as patch panels, enterprise panels, and distribution panels play in fiber networks.

In addition, FTTx-specific products such as fiber distribution hubs, fiber access terminals, multiport service terminals, and FTTx splice closures are detailed. Splice trays housed in splice panels, distribution panels, LAN panels, fiber management bays, and pedestals are also discussed.

Just as a chain is only as strong as its weakest link, so are the quality and integrity of a fiber-optic system. Only by carefully planning and protecting your system can you keep your optical chain strong.

DVD Preview: Chapter 1, Introduction

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  • Introduction - 8:43
  • Patch Panels - 13:35
  • Splice Panels - 3:39
  • Distribution Panels - 4:19
  • Entrance Cabinets - 3:15
  • Premises Panels - 8:05
  • OSP Closures - 9:15
  • FTTx Splice Closures - 7:46
  • Fiber Distribution Hubs - 8:28
  • Fiber Optic Pedestals - 8:00
  • Loose Tube Cable Preparation - 20:36
  • Tight Tube Cable Preparation - 9:22

Second edition - 105 minutes