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Fiber Optic Passive Devices

Fiber Optic Passive Devices
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Product Number: W–6D–201

This DVD is for those who wish to learn about the passive devices, components, and optical sub-assemblies used in fiber optic communication systems. The content examines WDM devices, optical switches, filters, gratings, isolators, wavelength lockers, dispersion compensators, circulators, and many others.

This DVD serves as a primer on the various types of passive devices that have been developed for use in fiber optic communication systems. Fiber optic passive devices are purely optical instruments that work by guiding, refracting and reflecting light. Considered a cost-effective alternative to electro-optical components, these devices have become commonplace and are seeing wide use as components and optical sub-assemblies in communication systems.

The DVD's individual chapters will detail the theory, manufacture and employment of various passive components and optical sub-assemblies, including an in-depth look at the technology and products used in wide, coarse and dense wavelength division multiplexing. Later chapters discuss the evolution of optical add/drop multiplexing as well as testing and test equipment for passive components.

DVD Preview: Chapter 1, Introduction

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  • Introduction - 12:27
  • Optical Couplers - 19:05
  • Optical Filters and Gratings - 16:12
  • WDM Components - 11:22
  • WDM Systems - 15:27
  • Dispersion Compensators - 11:49
  • Optical Switches - 10:39
  • ROADMs - 8:23
  • Design and Testing - 12:04

First edition - 118 minutes