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Privacy Policy

The Light Brigade regards its clients' information with utmost respect and care. It's important that our clients know that the information they provide to The Light Brigade is held in confidence and is used for internal business only. As such we have created a Privacy Policy which is outlined in eight points below.

  1. The Light Brigade collects personally identifiable information when you complete a form for Light Brigade content, products or services. Your completion of this form implies your permission for us to use the data for the purposes outlined in the Privacy Policy. The Light Brigade may also acquire information from our business partners. This information is stored and used for the effective operation of The Light Brigade, so that we may better serve our customers.
  2. The Light Brigade uses your information in four general ways: to customize promotions and information provided on our website; to fulfill your requests for products and services; to contact you about specials and new products; and to gather updated information from our customers. Any user may request to be removed from a mailing list at any time.
  3. The Light Brigade does not sell, rent or otherwise provide any personally identifiable customer information to third parties unless that information is necessary for the operation of The Light Brigade. This may include providing this information to companies who work on our behalf to provide a service to you. Unless you are informed differently, these customers do not have the right to use your information beyond the specific purpose for which we contract them.
  4. Information on customers' usage of our products or services is confidential and will not be made known to any individual or company unless this information is necessary for the operation of The Light Brigade.
  5. Customer passwords are confidential and will not be made available to any person or company outside of The Light Brigade for any reason whatsoever.
  6. Credit information will be held in confidence; however, it will be used in any way possible to aid in the recovery of delinquent or defaulting debtors.
  7. All information will be stored as securely as possible while maintaining the ability for authorized Light Brigade staff to quickly and effectively access this information when required for operational purposes.
  8. The Light Brigade will cooperate with law enforcement personnel and legal investigations of our users. All customer information, however, will be private unless ordered by a court to surrender this information. If it is determined that your actions on our website(s) violate The Light Brigade's Terms of Service or any of our usage agreements for specific products or services, your information may be deleted.
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