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Fiber Optic Training Courses

Our standing as a world-class fiber optic training organization has been earned — with 30+ years in business and 60,000 people trained. We develop and deliver critical training that provides the fiber optic knowledge and the field installation, splicing and testing skills you need to get the job done right.

How can we help you and your staff get trained and certified for the work ahead? Browse our upcoming classes, or bring our training directly to your team.

Fiber Optic Training Media
Fiber Optic Products

As experts in fiber optic technology, our customers often turn to us when they need fiber related products.

We sell many types of equipment, hardware, and tools needed in the field. From test equipment and splicers to cable assemblies, consumables, and tools – we have what you need. We sell many of the leading brands, including our own popular tool kits.