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Light Brigade will be teaching two fiber optic training courses, FTTx OSP Design and OTDR Advanced Workshop, at the ISE Expo in Orlando in September.  You can take these courses on Monday September 12 and then go to the exhibition on September 13-14.
FTTx OSP Design
This session will focus on the proper design of FTTx point-to-point and point-to-multipoint passive optical networks (PON) with home-run, centralized, and distributed topologies. Learn about the importance of customer take rate and density and how they apply to your design. The session will review various network configurations, design benchmarks, and installation parameters for FTTx systems.
Course Date:  September 12, 2017   9:00am – 12:00pm
Fee:  $150
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OTDR Advanced Workshop
The OTDR has been a key instrument for testing and troubleshooting outside plant (OSP) installations. However, the applications and the wavelengths used have changed over time to address new technologies. The testing of reflections is now considered a basic function of OSP testing alongside the traditional attenuation testing, event mapping and fiber length reporting. In an era of icon based, pass/fail OTDR reporting and auto testing features, understanding the settings and the details behind your OTDR results is still critical.
Course Date:  September 12, 2017   1:00pm – 5:00pm
Fee: $200
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About Light Brigade 
Light Brigade is a leading provider of fiber optic training through our exceptional team of qualified instructors and content developers. Since 1987, Light Brigade has trained more than 50,000 installers, technicians, engineers, and designers from a wide range of industries. The company produces professional-quality hands-on training courses, online learning programs, and training DVDs that cater to every skill level. Light Brigade also develops customized fiber optic training programs.  For more information, visit www.lightbrigade.com.

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