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First comprehensive training e-learning course prepares technicians, engineers and planners for FTTH Council’s Certified Fiber to the Home Professional (CFHP) certification

October 3, 2012 – Tukwila, WA – The Light Brigade, the world leader in fiber optic training, has launched its online fiber optic training program. The first of several planned training courses supports the Fiber to the Home Council’s Certified Fiber to the Home Professional (CFHP) program. This online e-learning course walks the student through a series of interactive modules as well as a practice exam. Upon completion of the e-learning program, the student will have the necessary knowledge and practical application experience to successfully complete the CFHP certification exam available on the Fiber to the Home Council’s website.

PON Power Meters“The Light Brigade has a 25-year history of providing outstanding fiber optic training largely in a classroom setting. During development, the goal for our e-learning program was to provide effective and engaging instruction via a different platform. We believe that our CFHP instruction program meets this need while offering a new avenue for training,” commented Dario De Paolis, vice president and general manager.

The CFHP program is ideal for remote and international students, providing valuable training without the expense or inconvenience of travel. While this class will not take the place of the personal interaction available in instructor-led training classes, it supplies an organized, interesting and interactive means for learning key technical material.

The comprehensive e-learning course covers the following topics:

  • Bandwidth and economic issues

  • Fiber-to-the-Building

  • Basic fiber optic theory

  • FTTH architectures and topologies

  • Network components

  • Fiber and cable management

  • Termination options

  • Network design

  • Loss budgeting

  • Test equipment and test procedures

A preview of the Certified Fiber-to-the-Home Professional Online Course is available on YouTube.
For additional information on The Light Brigade, visit www.lightbrigade.com, email sales@lightbrigade.com or call 1(800) 451-7128 of 1(206) 575-0404.

About The Light Brigade
Since 1987, The Light Brigade has instructed more than 43,000 attendees in its public and custom classes on fiber optic design, maintenance, and testing, including advanced topics such as FTTx, DWDM, and PMD/CD. In addition to creating custom courses tailored to any need or skill level, the company produces educational DVDs and CDs.