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The Light Brigade is currently seeking qualified individuals to join our team. We're accepting inquiries for the following positions:

To apply for open positions, please submit your resume.

Sales and Marketing Manager

The Sales and Marketing Manager is responsible for managing sales and marketing teams to drive more active prospecting and engagement with targeted accounts, effectively cross-sell products and training services, as well as take charge of promotional activities and increase leads. 


  • Manage our service and product sales team's day-to-day activities including customer service and inside sales
  • Drive and manage marketing and marketing communications activities
  • Organize and implement professional development of staff
  • Oversee quote and ordering activities
  • Implement improved outbound sales efforts and new lead generation activities
  • As part of the management team, suggest improvements and programs to increase revenue and better manage the business
  • Work with parent company sales team to develop new opportunites
  • Mange resale partnerships/agreements

Personal Qualities

  • Driven, self-motivated — you have a proven track recrod in a small company so you quickly determine what needs to get done
  • Enjoy teaching and mentoring your team — will end up being the 'go to' person
  • Passionate — once you get into a company, you are engaged and can show customers your passion
  • You believe that selling is all about relationship building 
  • You are an advocate for the customer — and for the company
  • Comfortable as a working manager but can think strategically
  • You don't like the 'hard sell', but are not afraid to ask for the order
  • Great writing and communications skills

Contract Instructor

Deliver technical course content which includes fiber optic theory, systems, products used in networks and teach hands-on skills for prepping cables, splicing, testing and handling best practices. Insure that the knowledge transfer and skills training provided to students are at their highest levels so student expectations are met. You will be trained before being deployed to teach classes on your own. Once trained, you will travel to cities across the US to deliver our classes. Contract instructors are generally asked to work 1-2 weeks/month and are scheduled ahead. 


  • Professionally and effectively deliver knowledge and technical skills training
  • Manage all equipment and materials required for classes and pack and ship as instructed
  • Ensure students understand and use all class equipment correctly
  • Ensure students are prepared for certifications exams as required
  • Manage all aspects of multi-day training classes, including time management for knowledge transfer, skills training, certification review and proctoring certification exam. Assure all consumable replacements are identified and communicated and all required administrative tasks are completed accurately and on time
  • Remain fluent with technology applications in order to meet student expectations and answer questions
  • Direct students to correct channels for follow-up needs
  • Keep up to date on current fiber technology and product trends

Personal Qualities

  • Excellent presentation and people skills
  • Able to adapt quickly to customer needs for classes with different experience levels or expectations
  • Truly love to teach and share your knowledge
  • Enjoy travel
  • Able to learn new products and procedures quickly
  • Professional and positive outlook
  • 100% Reliable


  • Expertise in various aspects of fiber optic, telecommunications or broadband technologies
  • Field experience with fiber optic or other communications infrastructure
  • Technical training or teaching experience a plus
  • Minimum 5 years work experience

Working Conditions

  • Lifting of equipment boxes onto dollies, packing and unpacking, standing part of class time are all required. Equipment boxes are 40-60 lbs
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